Bedfellows in Studio City

I'm on a hunt for cool stuff in the Valley (any tips appreciated). My friend Jamie took me to Bedfellows on Ventura Boulevard to kick of my quest. I was into it. A totally strange mixture of contemporary knock off's, awesome vintage paintings, and (as the name would suggest) contemporary linens and bedroom furniture.

Unfortunately I'd say that the store does suffer from being too packed with stuff and having slightly too many styles going on to really put my finger on one. But their window display sells the store as modern bedrooms. So that's good enough for me!

12250 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA


Anonymous said...

I could walk to this store from my house and I never go in it for one reason - the staff. Every time I've been in I've never had anyone who was particularly helpful or simply friendly. Too bad because they have some interesting things. But there are so many other great design stores that I'd rather deal with nice people.

Mustach Man said...

Don't let the prickly staff at Bedfellows turn you off to a great design source on Ventura Blvd. Bedfellows features some great albeit pricey pieces- stuff you would ordinarily have to go "over the hill" to the West Side to find at even higher prices. Perhaps you can't afford to furnish the entire house or bedroom with pieces from this store- but invest your time and money in one good piece from this store and you will not regret it- I promise. Also...a tip from a fellow person in the know, snotty sales people put up a good front to keep the looky-loos at bay. Believe me when I say, if you are serous about making a purchase, the staff at Bedfellows will change their tune faster than Kelly Werstler can change into a party dress!