June Lake Getaway

If you're in California (or I guess even if you aren't) and want to go for a nice little jaunt into the snow I totally recommend checking out June Lake up the 395, just north of the turn-off to Mammoth. For one thing, it's small and kind of secluded even though it's only about 2 miles off the highway. The lake is beautiful, the mountain is open for skiing and you can stay in a number of really cute (and I mean CUTE, like stepping back in time cute) places like June Lake Pines which has individual cabins that appear to accommodate 2-4 people and Boulder Lodge which is the only resort with an indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna (though the sauna wasn't working when I was there). Boulder Lodge also has individual cabins that don't seem to be nearly as warm as the 'motel' area.

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