Christmas Wishlist Continued (2)

Here are a couple more things that I can definitely live without but that would make life prettier.

Leah Nobilette ceramics from Relish

The ability to eat this winter salad

I'd like a broom, just a regular ol' broom for sweeping. I haven't found one that isn't multicolored with special flip up whatevers. I just want a broom.

Nilsson Blue Pitcher

Oh and Bauer anything really, but this Monterey Pitcher in Parrot Green (Or gosh, the french blue, or butter cream, or bauer orange...) sure is nice.


Anonymous said...

Plain brooms - Now I know what to get you for Chirstmas!!!!

my little apartment said...

i got my plain broom at the mexican markets in my neighborhood. and sometimes Big Lots has them.