Cross Country

One of my dreams is to drive cross country and really explore the states. My boyfriend is currenlty flying cross country in a little plane (yikes!) and he sent me this picture of the Mississippi River today.

I've seen most of the west coast (did a road trip from LA to Seatle) and some of Utah/Nevada/Arizona. And I've seen New York on up through Maine. And except for a brief trip to Texas I've just totally missed out on all the in between. I'm shooting to get this accomplished before I'm 30. The clock is ticking...

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dean said...

ive gone between KY and CA more times than i can count and its by far my absolute favorite thing ive ever done. i take different routes each time and always stop in weird places...go for it!

um, also, i would totally freak out if i was doing what your BF is doing. or even if my BF was doing that! tiny planes = scary!