Best Burger in LA?

Hey I just noticed this Best Burger in LA search over on Cityzine. They've mentioned my favorite, The Counter, on Ocean Park. I'm curious, do you guys have a favorite burger joint to share? Leave it in their comments!



Not in L.A. (up here in snowtown) - best burger in Canada is Licks Homeburgers...yummmmmmmy.

sparklerawk said...

I really enjoy the burgers at Good Stuff on Olympic and Bundy. And the burgers at Philly Steak Depot at Vine and Santa Monica aren't bad either.
And any burger at Gordon Biersch is good, mostly because they come with AMAZING garlic fries.

But I still haven't found anything out here that can compare to the best burger I've ever had... in Vermont.

laure is at home at home said...

SOunds like cold weather places have a one up on us. I would have thought the car culture/diner culture would give us a little more leverage. Is it wrong that I'm perfectly happy with in n out?

Nic said...

Bisteak haché avec ses pommes frites maison,
Café Tournesol,
rue de la Gaité,
75014 Paris :)
JG Melon's
1291 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10021

Anonymous said...

Zeke's on Honolulu in MONTROSE!!