UPDATE: Awww, the people that bought the set sent me a picture of the set at their house (with their kitty!).

So part of my Cure progress is that I finally made a decision on this sofa/chair set.
I haven't liked the brown for a long time plus about a year ago I inherited a similar teak set from my gramma (but it needed to get new cushions and I've been procrastinating).

Anyway, moving back into my place after the rain damage and seeing the same old brown motivated me to post them on craigslist. Today the nicest people came an bought it. Now I have space. And can move onto picking fabric for the other set! I was told Simplaform would be a good place to have cushions made, but any other recommends would be awesome, especially affordable ones).


dean said...

wow, congrats. it really takes guts to let something like that go...i've gotten much better at it in the last year, but its still hard!

cant wait to see how things in your apt change :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day! You won't be sorry you traded that set (to people who're obviously thrilled) for the one your gramma left you. Plus, no ciggarette smell and your own choice of fabric.

john said...

Laure -

I used Chalios for some upholstery. Found out about him from this little website: http://la.apartmenttherapy.com/la/good-questions/good-questions-a-good-la-upholsterer-007938

laure is at home at home said...

John, you're pretty sassy aren't you? Thanks for doing my homework for me!