It's a small world after all

I love how small this blogworld can be even though there are so many great blogs out there. Here's my story (bear with me, these things are VERY exciting for me):

In doing a google image search for a post over on AT, I found an image I liked that was attached to a blog that looked interesting. I got really into it only to discover that no accounting for taste is actually written by a)someone that lives around the corner from me, and b) is the person who lives in the Fall Color Contest Entry I posted last week on AT!

Anyway you should check out her blog. You can thank her for pointing out Aesthetic Apparatus and their cool posters.


Laura said...

I have fallen in love with their prints!

jessica said...

Ah! I just got back from vacation and was so happy to see this! That AT picture (in the top left) was from our old kitchen - how on earth did you manage to track it down? I love that they used it, even if nothing in that picture actually came from the Rose Bowl (although that may be the only picture of our house I have where this is true). Oh, do I miss that Wedgewood stove.

laure is at home at home said...


Isn't is a small world! I found that picture googling 'rose bowl flea market'. And it took me all the way around to your blog and realizing that you had submitted your pics to the AT Fall Colors Contest. Love your blog!