Here are some images that I couldn't pass up. I'm still on vacation so more later...

New Thrift Finds from Paper Pony

Raya's House From Paper Pony (via Design Sponge

This kitchen vignette is exactly the inspiration I need. I've been looking for better ways to keep white as the strongest color in a room without it looking stark or sterile or entirely missing color. This nails it.

Lotus Lamp on ebay via More ways to Waste Time
Love this image because I've somehow ended up with a lot of this vintage/retro-y kind of gold (a mirror, a screen, these flower decorative wall things) but have been having trouble keeping them from looking too thrift store. It looks like white is one part of the answer...

Tilt Shift photography via Black Eiffel

I am obsessed with miniatures and was shocked (shocked!) that these are not models, it's the real deal. Magic's in the photography baby...

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