San Diego is cool, who knew?

Took a way too short trip to SD last weekend for work and stayed at the Marriott right by the Padre's Stadium. Um, when did the Mariott get to be cool? And when did I start caring about a baseball stadium?

Case in point. Look at this chair:The rest of the room was still pretty Marriot but this chair, it's shape and fabric were impressive to me.

Also they have a rooftop bar:

With a pretty good view of the Padre's Stadium:

I don't have pictures but I love the gaslamp quarter for all it's classic San Diego architecture and retro revival. You can actually see some of the city's history in its buildings and streets. Makes me sad for LA where so much of our city is paved over, stuccoed over, or Disneylanded.

Also I didn't get a chance to visit the Hotel Coronado, but next time. (Gives me a reason to go back).


Anonymous said...

wow. that chair is incredible! what name would you give that kind of print?

laure is at home at home said...

I would give it this name: bold floral or graphic floral. But I am by no means a professional!