Isn't this always how it goes. I try to take a vacation and something pulls me back in.

I had to share Perch with you. They create smooth, shiny, classic ceramic pieces for tabletop (and other stuff). This is what I am lusting after. Again I am a sucker for things that are simple and a little playful. Something that makes people stop and say, Where'd you get that?

And then I know. I have won.

The mason is a jar, vase or container:

Kitchen Pendant Light:


A container for one thing

I love the playfulness of the company. Here is their description of the basket above:
"what to put in this little gem? well, it's up to you. you don't have to put anything in it. but here are some ideas from other container owners... a fake flower, paper clips (more than one thing), a buddah statue, a diamond (really?), a tiny chair made out of an eraser, sand (also technically more than one thing), a matchbook, guilt, a small bar of soap, a wallet sized photo and lost love. What will you put in yours?"

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