Non At Home Weekend

Despite wanting to catch up on some spraypainting, maybe hit up trader joes and plan some of my posts for the week, what I ended up doing was driving down to San Diego Friday night for a work related conference (that we ended up skipping), then flying to San Francisco Saturday night, sleeping at the Oakland Airport Hilton (ooh lala) , getting up at 5:30 (long story), then flying back to San Diego at noon and driving to LA from there.

I am zonked.

But in a good way. It was fun to do things differently and I felt like a total jet setter booking the flight on Elliott's iPhone from the car on the way to the airport. I'll post some highlights from the trip (mainly having to do with how awesome the bed is at the Marriot in San Diego, it is so comfy).

What did you all do with your weekend? Something productive? Relaxing? Colorful?

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