Classic Re-Usable bag

Remember back when a bag was a bag and you didn't have to qualify it's reusablility for fear of being shunned? Me too!

What I remember most are all the summers I spent in France before they even knew what a plastic bag was and it was normal to carry around a canvas tote or some of these mesh bags for all your shopping.

I'm still a sucker for a classic and it doesn't hurt that these come in great colors and can wad up into nothing. Plus if they get dirty or ripped it's no big deal because they're meant to have some wear and tear!

Set of 5, $29.95. Choice of long or short handles. Buy them here.


Bob LLama said...


Marie totally has a couple f these at her house, and it never even occurred to me that I should pick some up.

Thanks for the reminder, dude.

Heidi said...

merde, j'en ai achete un rouge a copenhague y a pas longtemps mais j'ai du payer a peu pres le meme prix pour un que ton lot de 5... too bad!