It's Tuesday Night

And I should be sleeping, but instead I am enjoying looking at the computer screen:

Green Room from Elle Decor Italia via Coco+Kelley
Coco+Kelley also has a new Etsy Shop with this great pink tree dish:

J. Crew Roundup at Belle Vivir. Why have I been loving J Crew Lately. They got French and Prairie and I cannot resist that.:

Also, generally I've been spending an abnormal amount of time thinking about bathroom wall colors. I've been inspired by a bunch (but am too lazy to list them tonight). I've also been obsessed by how to make my bed a living dream. More on both of these soon.

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Bob LLama said...

Memory foam mattress toppers are not the solution. Trust me on that one. They're decent, but far from amazing. Although my memory foam pillow is quite nice.

Also, can't help you on the bathroom color, sorry.