Thé Mariage Frères (since 1854!)

This is definitely the tea that Indiana Jones would be drinking (if Indian Jones was a real person and not a character in an awesome series of movies). This, of course, is based entirely on the fact that the Mariage Frères boutique is what I imagine walking into the East India Trading Compnay to be like.

Dr. Jones aside, the tea is incredible, and as I mentioned the boutique is even more incredible: dark mahogany shelves line the walls, filled with canisters of tea, rattan fans whirl overhead and all the salespeople are dressed in white linen suits. There are so many flavors of tea that I almost left empty handed because I just couldn't decide. I did pick something out, but it comforts me to know that the tea can also be bought online here and here.

(Photo: Dominick Brodbeck)

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Mélanie said...

We share this passion of Mariage Freres's tea