Magnolia Blossom

My sweetie brought me a fallen magnolia blossom the other night on his walk over to my place. It was so white, it's petals still tight and almost meaty in how thick they felt. And the fragrance. I didn't realize how amazingly subtle the scent can be.

I was surprised when the next day, eventhough it was in water, it had turned the color of tea-stained satin. Beautiful. Here are the before and afters.

I didn't realize the connection, but I've also been lusting after this Magnolia Room Spray that I tested at DNA. It isn't even that expensive, but it feels wierd to spend money on a room spray. After all, it's a room spray, it disappears. But then again, it's a pretty bottle and I love the packaging....


Sylvie said...

I'm happy to have discovered your blog, and this post means something to me. Each morning when I open my shop I set up an array of umbrellas across the sidewalk, sweep up the leaves from the magnolia tree, select some of the vintage furnishings to display beneath the magnolia tree, and then, the piec de resistance, I balance on my tip toes on a chair and pick three or four magnolia blossoms to place in vessels inside the shop. I love this morning ritual, and I love watching the transformation of the flowers as you do. I had a customer tell me recently that she had always assumed that the blossoms were fake, made out of velvet. "Wow, they're real!"

laure is at home at home said...

Wow, what a gorgeous image. Thanks for sharing your ritual! And also, thanks for your blog, I love it!