The color choices of home owners have been a hot topic recently starting here and moving on to here. It reminded me of all the yellow I've seen in my neighborhood. It looks thoroughly modern and I wonder how much of it was inspired by the blueprint article on The Stepped-Up Stoop since I know the top house (for lease everyone!) got painted last month.



Love the yellow houses! I've started a new photo project!

Barbara Jacksier said...

Hi Laurie

I just discovered your blog. Very cool!

I am working on a book for Gibbs Smith on Cozy Waterside Cottages and my editor wanted to know if I could include 1 or 2 in California (the rest are east coast from Key West to Maine).

Since it sounds like a great excuse for a trip to LA (my son goes to UCLA and just to moved to Venice 2 weeks ago), I am frantically looking for cute cottages within walking distance to the shore to photograph. The shoots must be completed by the end of August.

You can check out the project on www.barbarajacksier.com.

Each of the 14-16 houses in the book will share a unique decorating philosophy. The interiors of all of the cottages have a waterside attitude in their color palette, patterns, displays or building materials and surfaces.

I'd be most appreciative if you could share any leads or photos.

Barbara Jacksier