So the other day I decided it was time to just DO this project I'd been thinking about. I think a past issue of Domino inspired me to add pink to my home and I thought it would be best in the kitchen cabinet. I don't know if I love it love it, but it felt really good to make it happen and now I feel freer to experiment with other colors and ideas.




Julie at BV said...

I love what you did. It came out great.

john said...

I'm sure that wasn't an easy project, but it sure looks great.

And congratulations on your ATLA gig!!!!


Joan said...
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Joan said...

Laure, I'm liking the pink. I also like the new arrangement of your wares. How long did that project take?

laure is at home at home said...

Hi Joan--

Honestly once I had the paint in hand, it only took maybe 30 minutes to paint and tape. Then waited an hour, did touch ups, and then the rearranging probably took another 30 minutes.

I had a spray painting project going on while I was waiting for the paint to dry so i got a ton done in an afternoon!

Natasha said...

i really love it love it
if those were my cabinets (maybe i
will get around to it in a few yrs)
it would be a treat, everytime i reached to get something
because its an innard cabinet change i would forget all about it, so each time it'd be like