Home Away From Home: Hotel Ostel

So I think I'm on a vacation kick, I can't help myself thinking about unique spots to visit (based entirely on what hotel I would be staying in and the design of that hotel). So today's trip is the Hotel Ostel in (the former) East Berlin.

"Would you like an affordable and somewhat different place to stay in the heart of Berlin? Travel with us back to the former East Germany, the GDR, …starting with the original GDR furniture to a city tour in a Trabant vehicle."

Wow, so the Ostel is a play on the german word for east: 'ost' and the hotel seeks to recreate the accomodations of East Berlin in the '70's. This is the best way to learn history. Check it out:

Prices range from 9-59 euros (range is from a shared bunkbed room to a private double room). click here to book a room.

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