Home Away From Home: Ace Hotel

I think I need to plan a trip up to Portland or Seattle so that I can check out one of the Ace Hotels for myself. Or I need to build one in LA.

Billed as 'How you want to travel- simple, stylish, and not too expensive.' Amen.

"We offer all the comfort of a business class hotel without the soul-killing blandness of a faceless chain or last year’s design school fads. The Ace is a small, intimate hotel that lets you feel like you are 'somewhere' not just 'anywhere.'"

I'd love to just spend the whole day reading in one of these beds, memorizing all the design tips I will apply to my own home...

A review from Wallpaper talks about owner and developer Alexander Calder's vision:

Seattle native Alex Calderwood may well be a 21st century Conrad Hilton in the making. It doesn't surprise us in the least that young Calderwood decided to launch Ace Hotel after recognizing there was an enormous gap in the market for boutique yet basic hotels. Having already found success with his Rudy's Barbershop chain and Sweet Mother Record label(collaborators on the forthcoming Wallpaper CD), Ace Hotel is a mega-chain waiting to happen.

See their myspace page

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