It's My Birthday

The big Three-One is here!

What a year this has been. I think it's true what they say about a woman in her thirties. It's just better (despite some of the crappier things that have happened). Today I'm busy starting work on the art department of a tv show, working a bunch of freelance photo and staging projects with some amazing people and attempting to get more rest. I've shot magazine covers and spreads all year, reconnected with family and taken a lot of risks.

Looking forward to taking stock and laying some plans out for the next year.

What birthday rituals do you have?

(Image from the stellar floral designers at Dandelion Ranch)


kc said...

Happy Birthday! I mostly lurk but am coming out of hiding to tell you what a huge inspiration you've been to me this past year. Have a great birthday.


Happy bday! Funny, it's my friend Biancas bday today as well and just wished her well.

You should come out to Pappy and Harriets on Saturday for the manimal event. Going to be fun!

Notes from Holly St. said...

Happy Birthday!!

abby jenkins said...

Happy Birthday! Thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog. It gets even better in your forties!

Samual said...

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ME and Blue said...

Happy Birthday! I love your blog and especially the one where you built the garden box. I didn't feel so bad when I did my own gardening and my cilantro died early on. Anyway, 30's rock...I realized many dreams in that era. As for Birthday rituals, it's all about having a day of fun. Last year, it was Amoeba Music and a glass(es) of wine at the Chateau Marmont in a cushy chair for me. I hope our day has been fab.

Jenny Butler said...

Happy Birthday Laure! Hope you have a lovely day & look forward to seeing what great things this year has for you.

Joslyn said...

happy, happy birthday! I second Jenny...can't wait to see what you do next!

susie said...

Happiest birthday wishes! (even though i'm a bit late)

My birthday ritual I latch on to in recent years is I try to learn something new on that day. My life is very busy and time is always such a luxury. I like the idea of making time on my birthday to "fill up" my creative bank with something new. This year, I took a one-on-one screen printing workshop.

Hope the next year brings lots of good things your way!

JB said...

Happy birthday Laure. Hope it's a decent one. The ritual I have is dessert - someone usually makes me a delicious dessert, or buys one. It's only a small ritual but a special one!

jessica o'brien said...

hope you had a lovely b-day! mine was the 29th. go libras!

i don't have birthday rituals, but i just started doing something i saw on andrea's superhero journal - a completion activity for the year: http://www.superherodesigns.com/journal/archives/001846.html.

kind of a nice way to reflect + be ready for the next year of life, whether you do it at your bday or new years eve.

Jes said...

Happy Birthday!

I am going through the same crappy time as you at the moment (re. boyf) and I am also months away from 30 and working on realising my long term ambition of being a children's book illustrator.

Reading your blog is helping get through a difficult time, and I love hearing about all the successes you're having :)

I can't wait to turn 30 - hurrah for new beginnings!
Have a good one.

Jes, UK

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painter Winchester MA said...

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