To Each His Home

"I wanted to photograph the unmade bedm the sink full of dishes - evidence of human presence. I wanted to take this interest further and document not only how people personalize their homes unintentionally, by simply using their space, but also how people do this in a much more intentional and considered way."

A quote from the intro to the fantastic book To Each His Home.

It's the kind of book that makes me jealous. Why didn't I think of this? Beautiful photographs, incredibly charming homes with giant plants and incredible collections.


Ivy Lane said...

Beautiful images..like your blog!

laure said...

yay! thanks!

Ms Unreliable said...

What beautiful photos! Another book on the wish list :)

cassandra said...

i LOVE these!!! i want bright spaces, crazy eclectic collections and plenty 'o plants. i will have to find the book! hope you're doin well laure! :)