Standard Magazine's Tastemaker's Dinner

So I jumped off the plane from New York, changed my clothes and ran off to the hollywood hills (to this house) for a spectacular evening with Kelly LaPlante and some of the contributors to Standard Magazine for one of the best dinner parties ever. The mix of people (from the folks at Fire Clay Tiles to James Saavedra to Gabrielle from Design Ecology to David Metzler) were intelligent, thoughtful and interesting. We were served an incredible meal by Chef Michael Garner, waited on by a great serving team and it was just low key and fun.

You can see a little sneak peek on the Standard Blog.

My favorite thing (besides that Kelly had found all the serving ware and dishes second hand and so the table was a beautiful mix of mismatched vintage) was that we each had a little card at our seat with a multiple choice question and an essay question. Kelly put so much thought into each one and we read them aloud to get to know each other (and even though I normally hate that, it was great) -- they'll be printed in the next issue of Standard.

I felt so official seeing my name in print (and even spelled correctly). Everyone at the dinner was so accomplished, it really felt like a treat to be included.



How fun! You are so fancy.

laure said...

haha, sometimes I change out of sweats and play grown up!

Decor Fellow: James Saavedra said...

We luv ya!

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