I Heart Cake

Hope everyone had a great labor day. I spent some time with friends and family out in Palm Springs. Thanks for everyone's suggestions for dealing with heartbreak. If I can offer my insights so far:

1) See friends often
2) Wear nice clothes (don't just sit around in sweats)
3) Exercise
4) Watch funny things (like this and this and this.)
5) Keep Busy (thankfully I've gotten a chance to work with some amazing people recently: from Kelly LaPlante to Rue Magazine to my old boss Nadia Geller).

Once I have my own place again I would love to get a series of these amazing Cake Paintings from Paul Ferney. They make me so happy.


LRC said...

How couldn't those cake prints make anyone happy?! They're wonderful!

Bron @ Baby Space said...

Me too. Love cake.

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