Anthology Magazine + New York Update

Update from New York. Had a great afternoon glass of champagne with Anh-Minh at the Crosby Street Hotel in Soho to celebrate the launch of Anthology Magazine--a collaboration between Anh-Minh and Meg Mateo Ilasco, two incredibly talented and ambitious women. I got to thumb through the mock up copy and all I can say is that it's amazing (there's a sneak peak on AT, too!). I'm so glad I got to work on the magazine and if you haven't already ordered your subscription, do it now, it's limited run and you don't want to miss out on it. I mean, have you seen their stop motion video?

Here's a preview shot of the venice home I shot for the magazine. Love that wallpaper, it even inspired a mock up of my dream bathroom.

Now I'm off to check out the new AT offices and get lunch with the team, then tonight, the Rue Launch. I'm loving New York, the weather is still warm with the edge of Fall creeping in.


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elissa @ faucethead said...

that wallpaper is awesome! congrats on the rue cover and the great success of the publication. i have been tearing through it since its launch. i just can't get enough!

ps. we're having a giveaway! come on over: http://www.faucethead.com/blog/?p=1208. we'd love to have you.

Bridget said...

such cool spaces- and that desk chair in the last photo is so neat.

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