I took so many pictures in Alaska that it might take me the next year to get through them. I was only gone 10 days but I managed to ride in a float plane, catch a couple sockeye salmon, see bears almost every day, go off the grid, collect a lot of pretty rocks, ride in a lot of boats, see a lot of daylight, sea kayak, shoot some guns, hang out with three of the best dogs ever, meet some manly wilderness men, hang out with family, hike in places that maybe no one else has walked before.

It felt like summer camp. I laughed. I got wet. I got dirty. And reluctantly, I came home.

All the wilderness stuff was in Bristol Bay on Lake Ilimana at this amazing lodge: The Alaska Rainbow Point Lodge mainly known for its proximity to and expertise in fishing, but its situated so that it's essentially in the middle of some of the most breathtaking wilderness ever. (Also, this area is being threatened by a proposed copper mine that could destroy the entire ecosystem).

I promise to post more pictures and more details about the trip as I get through the photos. But if you're planning a trip to Alaska, email me, because I have a lot of information!


Catherine said...

Lovely to see photos of Alaska in the summer. I've always wanted to visit Alaska but for some reason I only ever have winter images in my mind so it's great to see these.

elauinc said...

oh that looks and sounds amazing. can't wait to see more!

Cheryl said...

I could "smell" the green of outdoors looking at that first photo. Wonderful.
Just found your blog today while searching "black walls". My bedroom is already black, I love it, and now it's the kitchen's turn.

Sonchia said...

You MUST see this movie. All about Bristol Bay & the Pebble Mine. It is beautiful.


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ketchikanalaskafishing said...

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