Sun Tea

It's summer here in Pasadena. It's hot and you can't really just drink all day to battle the heat, so I found an alternative: Sun Tea. It's fun to make, because it's easy, and it makes it feel like it's really summer. This past weekend I did a combo of green tea and trader joe's calm tea.

I put three tea bags in an old mason jar and put it in the sun for a couple of hours.

Then I poured it over ice, squeezed in some lemon and added a sprig of mint.

It was delicious. Plus, I realized, it would be a great mixer for cocktails.

So I wrote a post over on thekitchn about refreshing concoctions that start with tea. What's your favorite kind?


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Delicious! I like hot tea, too. Anything with a creamy, formosa base.


elmer369 said...

I think you have to boil sun tea after you brew it. But I wouldn't know because we've been socked in with June Gloom for MONTHS. :-)

typefiend said...

Yay for sun brewed tea! Been enjoying it as the weather has warmed up.

prashant said...

I like hot tea
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