Refreshed Interiors

Wow, I haven't had such a refreshing weekend in a long time. It somehow felt really long and I could luxuriate in hanging out with family, getting some work done, celebrating fathers day and generally feeling ready for what is sure to be a crazy week at Dwell on Design.

I also ran across this great blog that isn't in English (Swedish is what I'm guessing and I'm too lazy to google translate it). But I love the two versions of this room with that amazing fireplace. Both are crisp and modern but they have such different feels. Love them both. The blog, highway design is a great find, full of inspiring interiors, almost like a little sister to emma's designblogg.

Won't be blogging much this week, but follow me on twitter for some behind the scenes looks at the Dwell on Design Install.


Tiffany said...

I Love that yellow cabinet with all the little draws, and that black desk on the black wall. Superb!

Renee said...


To translate a site so you don't have to think about it, paste the path into here:



dining room tables said...

I love the black office table. It looks very elegant and it is so neat. It matches the brown chair.