Dwell on Design

So another couple of busy weeks are ahead as I've been hired to help out with Dwell on Design's Outdoor Spaces. I've just jumped into it today so there's lots to learn and do, but I'm really excited to be on the floor while everything gets delivered, help set it up and enjoy the camaraderie of long days.

Are you going to Dwell on Design (June 25-27)?
How about one of the cool home tours?
You can also volunteer to man a home on a home tours or at the convention to get in for free (plus some other goodies)?
And there's a great party happening for a good cause on Saturday the 26th.
You can also follow the event on twitter or follow me!.

Phew. I'll keep you all updated as much as I can. I'm already so inspired by the vendors I'm working with!


steph said...

oh my! i need to check my work calender... volunteering would be fun!

Shai Coggins said...

Beautiful blog you've got here. :-)

Just thought I'd say hello, courtesy of my online blog buddy, Nenette of LifeCandy – http://www.lifecandy.net/ ). This is part of our 52WoC blog community task.

Have a great day!

laure said...

Steph, hope you make it, it's going to be a great show (if I survive until then ;)