Vegetable Garden

Wow, remember when I first planted the vegetable garden? Well look at it now! The lettuce wants to bolt, the cilantro already has (oops) and the squash are sending up blossoms (which can only mean one thing). It's moving faster than I thought and I now wish I had made a bed about double the size. I had no idea that this one would get filled up so quickly!


Kay* said...

so awesome! it's been to cold here to really put anything into the ground but i did start some green onions which have totally sprouted up - as well as other veggies i started from seeds going indoor/outdoor in trays. can't wait until the weather warms up!

Beth said...

My grandmother used to have a garden like that. She loved to work there. And she did a fantastic job.

steph said...

that is awesome! nice job, laure!