Chocolate Chip Guinness Ice Cream

My friend Ethan lives close by and has the habit of making ice cream. I know, it's tough having friends that make ice cream all the time. Well, earlier this year I forwarded him this recipe for Chocolate Guinness Ice Cream from my hero, David Lebovitz, and he made it and we ate it and we swooned. The Guinness gives a depth to the chocolate that is subtle and offsets the sweetness just enough to make you want to keep eating the entire batch. So I recently requested more and this time I participated. Also, this time we added chocolate chips at the end.

We assembled ingredients.

We fired up the Il Gelataio 800 (I know, what?).

And we made some ice cream.

It was so good.

Next time we're going to try to make Nutella Ice Cream.

Here's the Choclate Guinness Ice Cream recipe, just add some chocolate chips at the end to make it like ours. Prepare yourself, it is so good.

P.S. I'm playing with the look of At Home, it might change around a bit, or it might stay like this!


fetlok said...

Como se dice "awesome"???

Housewife Bliss said...

My husband would adore this! Off to put the ingredients on our shopping list.

laure said...

Fetlok, come over for treats when you're done with school (which I spelled at schoole the first time around).

Housewife Bliss--he's going to love it, it is so good!

sparklerawk said...

Ooooh, this looks amazing! And so perfectly timed! I got a KitchenAid stand mixer for my birthday that came with the "ice cream attachment" for free. I know what I'll be making soon!

megan said...

oh my good god, this looks incredible.

like sparklerawk, i will definitely be busting out my ice cream attachment soon!

Storibook Designs said...

Holy YUM!! I am def. going to have to try that. Having a girlfriend get-together in July; may have just found the dessert!!