Spring Flowers

I have been good about keeping fresh flowers in this vase on this credenza in the dining room since we moved. And when I'm feeling flexible I'll even get stargazers, even though they inevitably fall apart and leave staining pollen dust on everything. They're just so beautiful they're hard to say no to.

But hands down, my favorite flowers right now are ranunculus. The way they always look wild and the petals feather out and they come in all these colors, they just make me feel so happy. So these sit next to the bathtub and in front of Elliott's zebra (the one he got from his gramma).


Anonymous said...

Hi Laure! Does your cat ever eat the fresh flowers? My cats try to eat any fresh foliage. Was wondering if you have a solution for that. (Other than goodbye kitty, that is.)


Flutter said...

I love ranunculus' too. They're so dainty yet chic and come in the most amazing colors!

featherbed said...

So pretty!

Victoria said...

simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

My mom always clips the "pollen-bombs" off of the stargazers before bringing them in the house. That way she doesn't have to worry about the tablecloths etc getting stained. And the flowers still look beautiful without those dangerous brown blobs!

laure said...

clare--that's a great idea, I'm definitely going to do that next time!

Unknown said...