Going To Portland Plus Links

A quick update before I leave for Portland for the weekend to visit friends (let me know if you have recommendations!):

I'm still surrounded by boxes, though we're making progress. I'm replacing the pendant above the dining room table by myself today and have a couple hundred projects on deck.

So that I can close some of the tabs on my computer, here are links I've kept open because they make me so happy:

Gorgeous black kitchen from moline on flickr

This incredibly vibrant yet sophisticated living room from h4ndz on flickr.

Rebecca just moved here from Paris and she's selling her flat there. Who's with me?

I'm in the mood for some bread and maybe when I get back from Portland I'll try my hand at this no knead stuff.

It is my goal in life to make things look as beautiful as this cheese spread from Sunday Suppers

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

I have some suggestions if you are visiting Portland. I live in Vancouver, BC and I think Portland is the greatest city! The restaurants are fabulous. I highly recommend Nuestra Cocina, Daily Cafe (in the Pearl) for a light casual brunch on Sundays, Simpatica Dining Hall for brunch, Ken's Artisan Bakery, Farm Cafe for incredible meals, Toro Bravo for complete amazingness! I also love PedEX shoes and the Portland Farmers Market. Have fun!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

that cheese spread display looks wonderful!

do you happen to know how they attached those long shelves in that first photo?


undercover caterer said...

Le Pigeon on E Burnside.

Shilo said...

I deeply and urgently recommend you check out a shop called "really good stuff" full of just that.

It's basically the best junk shop ever and nothing is totally overpriced for once.

It's on 13th and Hawthorne in SE Portland.

have fun!

Lauren said...

You have OFFICIALLY turned me on to black kitchens. Seriously!

lizardcosta said...

Why not hit two birds with one stone... bread and exploring Portland: I second the recommendation for Ken's Artisan Bakery in the NW!

Debra said...

That bread sure does look good. I bet it is so much to do in Portland it's so pretty there. I love that flat in Paris.

eileen said...

Le Pigeon. You have to go!

Martel Catalano said...

omygosh....i want that bread. now!

seesaw said...

this post is making me happy. thanks for sharing.

laure said...

shilo--thank you for your intense urging, I did make it to really good stuff and was sorry I wasn't driving back to LA, otherwise I would have bought a whole carload of stuff. And Eileen, we drove past le pigeon but didn't have time to eat there. I will definitely go next time!

everyone stay tuned for more on Portland, my new favorite city!

Unknown said...

Hi! I've never been to Portland but always hear amazing things. Glad to read that you had a wonderful time. Hey, I'm in with Rebecca's Paris flat. Has it sold yet? (a girl can dream).