First Days in The New House

So, we're in the new house! The move was epic. Literally 8 hours. We have a lot of stuff and there were a couple of glitches, but phew, most everything is here (with the exception of food since the fridge isn't working).

Here's the rainy view from the upstairs office. I'll be working from the dining room until I find a desk I want to use up there. I just love this view of the magnolia tree outside, it feels like you're in a tree house.

Here's where I am, sitting at the Herman Miller Dining Table I'm borrowing from my dad (if you can believe it, he has no use for it at the moment). We still need to swap out the lamp above the table and there's a credenza that will probably go underneath those windows, then lamps, curtains, etc.

The grey worked out in the end (though, it's just a teeny bit purpley in certain light. But anyway, it's good enough (I'm learning to not let perfect be the enemy of the good). For those that track these things the color is Ben Moore Stone Harbor.

Oh and please don't mind that hanging curtain rod. I guess the last tenants accidentally took the braces?

And since we're all friends here, I will share a picture of the kitchen as of this morning. It actually looked better the day we moved in, but since then we figured out that the fridge doesn't work and that kind of...threw everything off. Look at how confused Hazel looks.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I'm going to take it easy today, it's been exhausting!

How was everyone's weekend?


Bneato said...

omg! our big day is only 2 weeks away!! glad to see ya'll made it safe and sound--and you're right, that kitchen is smokin;! keep up the inspiration Laure!

Helen X said...

Good job with the move and the painting! Your kitten is so cute!

Reading this post reminded me of before we finally moved in to our current place, we had to move twice in 2 months. Because our rental was sold but our own place was still not ready... 2 month of living out of boxes in a basement suite was not fun. Anywho, my weekend was great, played Wii Fit with my husband and my mom. =)


Lauren said...

Haha so cute Hazel!
I am still totally in love with your kitchen!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

congratulations on surviving the move! i think the grey looks great. and i'm jealous of your eames table.


Tania Welch || indobay said...

Moving can be quite an ordeal but I also love the idea of starting fresh. Love the look of your dining room already. And, well...the view from upstairs looks quite lovely!

Happy Moving and Organizing!

-Tania :)

Creative Rumblings said...

Love your view of the magnolia tree. Will be fun to work up there in the office!

my little apartment said...

ooooh, it looks so great! this place is really making me miss California craftsmans...

Kathy @ Carys and Charlie said...

i absolutely love your black kitchen...will be copying in the future! good luck with getting settled

speedgracer said...

it looks amazing! can't wait to see it all come together!

Anonymous said...

Dear Laure,

Wonderful place you have there!

Could you please let me know:

(a) what is the finish of your Eames Conference Table; and

(b) what is the width and lenght?

Thanks in advance!

C.J. said...

so glad your in, enjoy your new home, I remember when I moved into our house I had EVERYTHING to do. wow... it was fun but boy what a job. Now I am changing my living room into a shabby chic look which involves sanding, painting, purchasing (that I like), soon though it will be done. Stop over when you get time and take a peek.