(The Day Before) Moving day.

We're down to the wire, movers come tomorrow morning. Today I'm doing dumb stuff like throwing out the dead flowers, remembering to leave out some clean underwear and socks and I'm buying a microwave, curtains, shower curtain, curtain rod and supplies for some of the diy's I'm planning. I was also planning on working on the revamp of my photo site but I think that will have to wait! Stay tuned for pictures and thanks for all the support and tips on the paint debacle.

Speaking of grey: I'm also helping E design his new office space which we painted grey yesterday and, of course, that one turned out just fine. I'm thinking of stealing a container of it to paint in our house!


Shiloe @ Tar Paper Crane said...

Ugh! Moving is such a pain. Good luck - Can't wait to see more pics!

molly june. said...

hi :) i've been tagging along with you for awhile now! love your style! what color grey did you end up using? grey seems to be the hardest color to get just right, ya know? right now, i have baby blue walls that were supposed to be grey :) pretty awesome.

Cinzia said...

Just came across your blog by chance. Love the name! It's how I feel. Also love your blog! Cinzia