Holiday Gift Guide and Wish List

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1. Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub. Their scents are heavanly and it's always nice to have something a little luxurious in the bath. $26.
2. APC Blue Wedges: perfect blue, simple and comfortable. Good for under tights in the winter and with a cute dress in the summer.
3. The New Terrarium because I love terrariums.
4. BUrt's Bees Super Shiny Conditioner: Smells. So. Good.
5. Wooly Pockets: 2010 will be the year of incredible indoor living walls for the masses. I'm on board.
6. Homemade Life from the blogger behind Orangette. Home, food, family, a perfect book to read over the holidays.
7. New Bedding. Haven't found the right set yet, but our bedroom needs a revamping starting with some non threadbare bedding.
8. Kusmi Tea from Paris. It's luxurious and a little fancy since it's exotic and foreign. But it's affordable to buy and comes in a gorgeous tin you can reuse. It's also perfectly delicious.
9. Cafe Du Monde Coffee is from New Orleans and about the tastiest coffee I've ever brewed at home. I wouldn't mind going to the big easy for the real thing...
10. Kitty Kitty Print for $20. Because it is so awesome.
11. Flower Arranging Lessons. This is on my list and I want Dandelion Ranch to teach a class so I can take it, Dammit.
12. A really Good Pair of Tights: these are from Seven Alan and only cost $33. Perfect, chic and simple.
13. Hitacho Nest Beer from Japan has the best label and is so tasty. I get it at Whole Foods and it makes a great hostess gift or little splurge.
14. The National Parks: America's Best Idea: I missed this when it aired but I'm a huge fan of camping, road trips and national parks so I'd love to sink my teeth into a couple hours of the history of US National Parks.
15. Faux Bois Toolbox from Alice. Just a nice, interesting tool box for getting the job done.
16. Customized Address Stamp from Paperwink for $22.
17. A.P.C. Wallet perfectly worn and adult without being flashy or over the top.


Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...

If you are going to wish for Cafe du Monde coffee, you might as well add to the list Beignet mix, too. What's one without the other?

Love your website!

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

laure said...

thanks susan. going to new orleans is on my bucket list for sure!