Blue Kitchen

I love this kitchen. I love blue, I love a little mess, I love exposed shelves, I love little plants here and there and I love those jars. From Inger Marie Grini.

In other news, I'm still beyond sad and this grief seems to have shaken up a certain amount of dissatisfaction with the rest of my life. Advice?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Laure. I'm sorry that I don't have any advice but I do want to tell you that I know exactly what you are going through. I lost my little cat about a year and a half ago to lymphoma. I had adopted her literally off the street, so I didn't know how old she was. She was the sweetest little cat, friendly, and such the little momma. I was seriously depressed for awhile. I still miss her very much, but this past January I finally felt ready to adopt a second cat (I have another cat).
I think what helped me was my family and friends telling me that I had taken very good care of her, that I couldn't have done any more for her. I gave her a loving, comfortable, and secure home.
Just know you took good care of her, you did the most you could, and you gave her a good life.
You will feel very sad for awhile, but eventually you will start to feel better, maybe well enough to think about adopting another cat. But don't rush anything, just let yourself miss her. There is a grieving process, it's the same for people or pets.
I hope this helps.

Shelley Noble said...

I fully second the above. That's what I was going to say too.

Life has these appropriately grieving things in it. Feeling sad at these moments makes you healthy and normal.

I think the best way through them is to accept the sadness of it. The harshness of that passes over in time like water running through a stream.

laure said...

thank you anon and shelley. it's weird feeling this thrown off of life. I feel like I need more touchstones than ususal.


I think they are both offering good advice. Really allow yourself to feel crappy and sad - because its not fair and its stupid and it sucks. Try not to feel guilty about being upset. I think a lot of people feel guilt about being emotional and that seems so silly. Its already hard enough without the guilt on top of it.

Take the time to reevaluate things. Usually these moments are a great impetuous for change.

You'll figure it out. I'm so sorry things are awful right now.

I do love that blue Cathrine Holm collection. Lovely and peaceful kitchen.

Elizabeth said...

I often find that transition in one part of my life ends up leading to questioning other parts of my life too - I think it's pretty normal. It can be a good time to think about going to therapy for a while, just to sort of check in with yourself in general. And luckily the stigma around therapy is pretty much gone - I've been noticing lately when someone says something about their therapist everyone chimes in with stories about their own. Although that could be a Bay Area thing :)
And of course remember: this too shall pass.

Shelley M said...

I'm new to your blog and I adore it. I actually cried when I read about your loss, I thought your words describing what you loved about her were so touching and real - exactly how I felt about my little missy who passed away 2 yrs. ago. My greatest sympathies to you and realize your heart will heart less as time goes on. I traveled (since I didn't have to worry about someone taking care of her while I was gone) and then I went and adopted 2 cats from the SPCA and I am so in love with both of them!They bring such warmth and happiness to our home again.

Katherine Lee said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles... I have a little shih tzu I literally found on the streets of NYC all cut up and starving. I nursed him back to health and now he's the light of my life. Unfortunately he's quite old and suffering from terminal cancer, but he's still as happy as ever. I figure the best we can do is make their lives as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. On another cheerier note, I'm so happy to have come across your blog, I've added you to my blogroll over at Urban Flea! Cheers my dear!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Down Pillow said...

I am sooo sorry about your precious kittie. I lost mine of 12 years back in March. I miss him very much & still cry occasionally. I have 3 other cats that I give all my love to & that definitely helps. The sadness has eased a little, but I know it will eventually get better. I'm afraid that's all I can offer - no concrete advice. I wish you the very best & have you in my thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

Just allow yourself time to cry as MUCH as you want. You will start to feel better with time. I still pretend that I can hold my kitties over my shoulder. They are such good friends.

BTW: Those white shelves in the photo can be purchased at IKEA. I installed them relatively easily. You can cut them to fit the length you need, and you don't need to worry about rought edges because they are hidden by the brackets.


Alana said...
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