Spring Dinner

Abby and I were supposed to go check out some cool new restaurant downtown lastnight but halfway through the day I realized I really wanted to make more chili and have her come and hang out chez nous. Luckily she was down for it and it gave me an excuse to use my Orla tablecloth for the first time.

It was also an opportunity to practice inviting people over even though the house isn't really anywhere near what I would want to to be. You can see bits of the clutter here and there. Basically I put the trash outside and focused on making a pretty table and let everything else be what it was (i.e. place isn't vacuumed, there are cat food kibbles spread out on the kitchen floor, there are piles of art supplies and magic rocks' on the counters, etc.).

It turns out that chartreuse and turquoise abound in my cupboards and then with some tangerines, my grandmother's orchids and plain white dishes, the table felt full of springtime and cheer. I added an heirloom tomato salad with a simple vinaigrette to balance the heaviness of the chili at the last minute.

It felt great to follow through on my resolution to entertain more and there's something about setting a pretty table that just lifts my spirits. It's the small thing, right?


Anonymous said...

Hi Laure! Ahh...nice job, it's so cozy looking. From a guest perspective, I find it weirdly comforting when I go to someone's house and there's a bit of clutter hanging about.

Oh, and your chili saga is cracking me up! :)


the seventy tree said...

Oooh, your table looks delightful! I LOVE that table cloth! It is the small things...I completely agree with you. They make all the difference. Loving your blog by the way!