Lark Cupcakes

Finally checked out Lark in Silverlake. Do these images do the chocolate and the coconut cupcakes justice? Never even got to photograph the cream puff, it disappeared too quickly. Went with Jamie, Jordan and Vivian.

And if the cupcakes didn't knock my socks off, then this doilyscape did. Turns out I'd already seen it on flickr and blogged it for AT, but it was magical in person. That's Jordan, he and Jamie and I went to high school together. Jordan has a band in LA and I can't get enough of the first 2 songs on their site.


sparklerawk said...

OMG Laure, what have you done?
I must have walked by this place a dozen times but never realized it was there... or that they had CUPCAKES!
Now I'm going to end up walking there everyday... and eating a cupcake everyday.

Heather Beth Taylor said...

i have yet to visit Lark! I think I'm gonna get a cupcake this weekend. Thanks for sharing that delicious looking picture.

laure said...

sparkle--all in the name of science!

and heather, report back and let us know what you eat and what you think of it!

Lynne said...

I love that doily wall - what an inventive idea - would never have occurred to me in a million years!

disa said...