Dude. I think I get to meet Eddie Ross

Seriously. I just noticed on his website that he's coming the the rose bowl (you can meet him too!) next month and hosting a little shopping how-to (perfect since I flaked going to it 2 months in a row even though I'm about 10 minutes away and wake up early anyway). I contacted his beau, Jaithan about doing a little interview/hang out/thing and covering for a story. Dude, this was the response:


That sounds like fun! We’d love to meet you while we’re at the Rose Bowl. Right now, we have about 30, so it will definitely be a great day of shopping...and a good story too! Would love to meet you before the whirlwind on Sunday. How about coffee on Saturday the 7th? Whereabouts are you?

Eddie and I are so excited to meet you...


Um. I am so excited that it's embarrassing. What can I say I feel star struck and I'm not even in the room with him yet. What should I ask? What should I wear?

What do you guys want to know and who else wants to meet on Sunday March 8th at the Rose Bowl?


Mango Gal said...

That is so amazing! Congrats!

Eddie Ross said...

Aw...you're so sweet! We're both SO excited to hang out! The trip's going to be super fun! See you next month!

laure said...

Alright, wait a sec, you weren't supposed to read this part ;)

Now I'm super embarrassed. But still way excited to meet you!

anh-minh said...

Lucky! Okay, after you've done the how-to at the Rose Bowl, I'm going to have to plan a trip to Pasadena so you can pass along some of your newly acquired knowledge. I have always wanted to check out that flea market.

heartbreakingly beautiful said...

oh dayam girl!!! now I'm SUPER psyched for the market in march!!


Cute, Laure!