How cute is this?

My friend jamie saw an ad for these new arrangements at 1-800-Flowers. I know, I was surprised too. What a sweet idea though to make a bunch of carnations into a cupcake arrangement. Carnations are cheap and these are low enough you could have them on the table during a meal and not have them be in the way! Now all we need is a little cupcake liner-shaped container...


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about using silicone bakeware? I think that would work well, with floral foam inside to hold the flowers in place. Here is an example, but silicone cupcake pans are pretty widely available. http://www.cooking.com/products/shprodde.asp?sku=619635


laure said...

Brilliant! It's totally a gift: flowers and a reusable cupcake mold!

Anonymous said...

Maybe for a gift, use small ramekins? Some suggestions:

Plastic, fluted, flared (sort of like a cupcake liner):

Or ramekins in cute colors, but with straight sides:


anh-minh said...

I don't usually like carnations, but this? I love!

PJ said...

I'm actually working my way backwards through your entire blog this morning...and would comment on nearly everything, but I'm a bit lazy that way. THIS is precious! Your blog is GREAT!