SWAP! Tomorrow in Culver City

Abby and I are planning a SWAP for people that are working on the Cure. But if you're in LA and want to swap some stuff come by. We'll be at Surfas between 10 and Noon. Plus if you come you get a little discount at the store!

I'm bringing succulent cuttings so if you want to join an impromptu succulent swap come down (why didn't I think to post about this here until now?). Otherwise bring anything: furniture, books, clothes, artwork, kitchen stuff, anything you don't use anymore and were going to donate. We'll all just have our stuff in our trunks. And if I'm lucky I'll show up with the biggest truck you've ever seen and haul it away.


Designerbee said...

What a great idea! And.. I've been meaning to go to Surfas anyway. I'm not doing the cure this time but I think I've got some things to bring by for the swap.

Anonymous said...

so this will be my first Swap meeting, i am not exactly sure how the whole thing work, but i will be there!

laure said...

yay! this is our first time hosting it, so we're figuring it out as we go along. Can't wait to see you guys!

Kim said...

I haven't been able to be part of the cure, but I'll certainly stop by. My succulents are dying after a terrible repotting adventure.

I have lots of art that doesn't fit my new pad, though!

lillie said...

so sorry i missed this. especially with the succulent swap on the side! also, i love surfas and am always looking for an excuse to visit (:

Anonymous said...