The Kitchen

This is where I'm sitting now to share more pictures with you all. It honestly couldn't be more beautiful. The house is in Provence and more specifically is in a village called Goult. My dad bought the house recently to move my grandmother from Paris closer to the rest of the family. So technically it's for her, but really it's for the family because she only lives downstairs and there's a lot more to the house. It already feels like home to me. I look forward to visiting for many years to come.

And because if I shared as many pictures as i wanted to I would bore you all to death, here are pictures of the kitchen:

The kitchen is the heart of this home. It is the most beautiful, has the nicest view of the garden and gets the best light. I have so far spent a lot of time here.


Melissa said...

How beautiful! I feel transported just looking at these pictures.

megan said...

so lovely. you are living my dream life. :) and look at the little jar of nutella -- yum! :)

laure said...

thanks ladies. I know I'm here and I'm totally jealous of myself. I don't know how to appreciate it adequately. It's just overwhelmingly wonderful.

twig-n-branch said...

What a gorgeous space. So...charming, but sophisticated. Makes me want to come visit, too.

Heidi said...

c'est trop beau!! c'est la photo que j'avais repere dans ton site "pro"!
elle est vraiment canon cette cuisine! c'est ou Goult? ma mere habite a aix, la region est vraiment cool (vu l'avlanche de comms, t'auras compris que j'adore ton blog!!)