I'm back from France. What a great time I had, not the least of which was the food. I took great pleasure in photographing some of my favorite meals, some before, some during and some after. HEre are some of the desserts I had:

A Tarte Tintin that a neighbor dropped off wrapped in this great dishtowel.

Chopped fresh peaches and mint from the local farm (seriously).

La Duree Macarons that I bought in the lobby at Printemps.

Millefeuilles that a friend made and brought over for lunch.

A bunch of pastries from the local boulangerie.

The remains of the plum cobbler that I made. I didn't have measuring cups since everything is metric so I used this recipe that relies on ratios. It was so good.

Nothing like starting and ending a day with a really good coffee and some time to sit and relax.


Fifi Flowers said...

Lucky girl in Paris! Cafe creme... YUM! Lots of pastries in your trip I see! Looks like a SWEET time... lol

laure said...

Yeah thank god I was walking a ton otherwise I would've come home a blimp!

C-Rett said...

ooooo i'm loving your dinner table... your plates... your kind neighbour... i need to move there... :)

laure said...

c-rett, I feel the same way! Even while I was there experiencing it I felt jealous of myself--totally nuts, huh?