Baudelaire Soaps and I'm Going to France

Hey everyone, I'm (almost) on my way to this house to visit my family and soak up some French Attitude. I'll keep posting while I'm away.

In honor of my departure, check out Baudelaire Soaps. They're from Provence, have intoxicating scents and a bunch of them are on sale! And if you type in code: AtHomeAtHome090 you'll get 10% off your order!

You know how scents can totally transport you, well lavender and verveine are pretty immediate for me. I smell them and I'm in France. I've got my eye on their Cashmere Lotion, real sea sponges (look at the giant one, I want it!) and this verveine soap for the shower. Oh wait, I also want this giant bar of bergamot.

A Bientot!

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anh-minh said...

OMG. How incredibly awesome! I'm so jealous. Have a fantastic trip and I cannot wait to hear about it and see pics!