Happy Weekend and Life As I Know it is About to Change

It's almost open.

Pros: The corner of Rose and Lincoln will no longer be a parking lot for vagrants and possible sexual predators.

Cons: We'll see, but this pretty much changes everything, and I will likely go broke shopping here.


Designerbee said...

When they opened one around the corner (and on the way home from work) where I used to live in Atlanta I became obsessed and addicted to cheese. So many to choose from! And a helpfull cheese advice dude! And free samples! Be careful!

Also.. prepared foods! Delicious but not bargainy like Trader Joes.

It's a love/hate thing obviously.

Anonymous said...

vagrants and possibly sexual predators? really!?

those are really different things. vagrants are people who chose to leave on the margins, or who were forced to do so. sexual predators are people from every class who have their hormones (or brains, or morals) misaligned, or something.

fancy cheese has nothing to do with that.

laure said...

I didn't mean they were one in the same, I meant there were both!

I'll put my foot in my mouth for sure but I get that some people choose a different lifestyle but for whatever the reason, at times that parking lot has been really scary and definitely gross. I have seen human shit there.

Also, historically, this was a great corner to score a prostitute, based on the number available.

megan said...

ah, whole foods (or shall we say "whole paycheck")? there's one a few blocks from my apartment, and it's a love/hate relationship for me and my wallet, for sure!

i found your blog via making it lovely, and i love it! :) looking forward to reading more.

Kelly said...

Oh man! I remember when ours opened up! My husband and I went on the first night and it was like a circus there were so many people! It was hard to even walk down a row!

The way we work whole foods now is go there for special stuff that we can't find elsewhere and stick to basics at bigger box, cheaper stores. It saves our paycheck. Oh yea, and try not to go too often or it sucks you in and makes you want everything! :)

please sir said...

Isn't it crazy how excited one can get with the opening of a store? I know the feeling - whole foods rocks!

john said...

Venice has officially jumped the shark.

Carolyn said...

the one here in Richmond Va is about to open on September 3rd. I much more excited about Trader Joe"s though.