Foodie Update

Summer is such a fun time to just whip things up simply. SO I put on my favorite apron and got to it.

I made the famed chocolate chip cookies again and they were great. If you haven't done it, make them, it's worth the wait. I follow Orangette's version and have not been disappointed (though I plan to add nuts to the next batch). The best part is sharing them because everyone is so happy to get cookies!

I've been sipping on this tea (in my new teapot from Tortoise). It's a mix of jasmine tea that I bought in china with actual rosebuds (I bought them in China too, they're meant to be made in a tea). It's just mild and sweet enough for a summer day. Next I want to make it iced.

I'm one of those people that can eat the same thing every day of the week for weeks, finally tire of it and find something else that I eat for weeks. Right now for breakfast it's granola fro Trader Joes with lowfat yogurt.

And my go-to lunch: a mix of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and some vinaigrette (and here some avocado). The best part is the vainaigrette and the fresh basil. Sometimes i add cucumbers and sometimes i omit the cheese, but I probably eat some version of this 4-5 days a week.

What have you been eating this summer?


kay* said...

i'll have to add this cookie recipe to my 'must make' list. i love her blog and have a few recipes to try still. i've been drinking a lot of wonton soup at lunch - there's this great little restaurant across from my office building :o)

Making it Lovely said...

What? Do we have the same table?


Sam said...

Oh, I've been looking for a good cookie recipe...

Anonymous said...

The first thing my brother in law asks whenever he comes over is "Did you make cookies lately?" (: I really do need to after seeing that cookie dough. YUM!

Anonymous said...

The salad looks delish! Do you know of a good vinaigrette recipe? I'm on a quest for the perfect vinaigrette.


tracey said...

Love Trader Joe's granola! My summer lunch is also a salad, with every veggie possible. I'm not a vinaigrette person- I like Ranch with Frank's Hot sauce spiking it.

laure said...

G--I just do a quick mix of:
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
rice vinegar

People normally rave about it. I think it's the rice vinegar!

jen said...

ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM! I curse the day I bought David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop! Well, not really, but I wish I would've figured out that I could substitute skim milk for the whole milk in his recipes to make it a tad lighter.

I think I'm going to make your salad tomorrow for lunch (maybe it'll balance the Chocolate Malt Chip ice cream I'm making tomorrow!).

pve design said...

Love aprons, home baked cookies, fresh tomato and mozzarella with basil. We also eat lots of grilled things which are so good with "fresh corn!"
love your blog!

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