Pitfire Pizza Company

Stopped in at the Pitfire Pizza Company (The Crust You Can Trust) on Westwood Boulevard and it was really good. Normally the bf and I go to the Apple Pan when we're going into westwood but it was so packed that as we headed north we just kept our eyes peeled. there it was. We stopped in and each had a Margherita Pizza. They could have gone a little heavier on the toppings, but the crust, as expected was incredible: light, crispy and flavorful. The place was fairly packed too, so I consider that a good sign.


Fifi Flowers said...

YUM... I spent the evening roaming aroudn food blogs... now back to design blog and I find more food... it's a food night!

laure said...

we're on the same page! I love that!

john said...

I hit the downtown Pitfire a couple of times a month. Their turkey meatball pasta is pretty darn good.