My Place

I like to honor requests (hi carolyn), so even though I'm feeling cagey about showing my place (attack of the killer insecurity) I'll show you my new eating/working area. I added my thonet knock off chairs to my herman miller chairs around the table and I like the mix. Feels like my grandmother's place in france.

Need to do something about the mirror on the floor and the pile of frames on the heaterand the tabletop leaned against the credenza....but that's for another day

Anyone have some words to help beat the wednesday blues?


Anonymous said...

Love your style Laure, especially the chair mix and the very comfy, unpretencious feel of the place.


Elizabeth said...

it looks great Laure! Best beating the blues tip: take five dollars and leave the house, and spend it on something you love. ice cream? fresh bread? flowers? cute card/eraser/paper folder?

or maybe cheap retail therapy just works for me . . .

Carolyn said...

you rock!! i agree, love the feel of your spaces. as for wed. blues - only 2 days until Friday AND just remember, you have an awesome collection of furniture and a great sense of style and we all love your blog!

laure said...

Oh thanks everyone, I feel better already just hearing back from you!

hmw said...

soooo pretty! your place is inspiring. please post more soon!