More Progress

Phew so we made more progress at the bf's place. I posted this on Monday on ATLA and wanted to show it off here too. The pictures don't really do it justice. The main thing is that it is so hot and sunny on that deck all day that we never really go out there. Now that there's an umbrella, we can actually sit outside (and sweat) and enjoy the outdoors.

Like I mentioned in the post on AT, we did this for about $100 which seems like a miracle. Nevermind how long it took to round up all the elements. The thing I really like about doing this cheaply is that I have to keep an open mind. I would never have planned to have that wicker stool there, but I found it at my thrift store for $12 and figured it could work.

Have to say that Overstock is a great resource for patio umbrellas. This one isn't from there, it's my mom's, but we ordered her a replacement and got it in 2 days and only had to pay $2.95 shipping. And the umbrella we ordered was only $50.

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