iPhone Awesomeness

Glendale, Jul 18, 2008, originally uploaded by laure at home.

So, I forget if I mentioned that I broke my old iphone by dropping it multiple times, including into the toilet, but now I have a new one (yes I waited in line for an hour or 2 for it, I'm a nerd) and it's crazy amazing.

There's this great App called AirMe which let's me take pictures with the phone and then it automatically uploads it to my flickr account. Then I can just blog directly from flick. So I never have to use a cable to get pictures on my blog, yay!

Is anyone else excited about this?


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures ! Maybe I'll get one of those gizmos! Umi

john said...

You dropped your iPhone into the toilet?

laure said...

um, yeah. that's really bad, right?